It’s a bumpy road out there! At 5280 Rim Go Round, we understand that the cracks and bumps in the roads are not always kind to our wheels. That’s why our team provides quality rim repair services for any vehicle that needs it. From wheel repair to refinishing, wheel straightening and beyond, we do it all.

Our rim repair services include correction of the lateral and radial run out. We bring damaged rims back to life with our experienced technicians and our state-of-the-art machinery. No matter what shape, size, or manufacturer your wheel may be, we do our absolute best to restore it to its original glory.

Radial Runout

Radial runout, depending on the severity, can cause problems for your vehicle. Radial runout is when your wheel does not have the same radius, or distance from the center to the edge, all the way around. Put more simply, the wheel isn’t perfectly round. How warped your wheel determines how damaging it can be. Radial runout will at the very least make your wheel bumpy, causing your car to bounce slightly and creating a vibration that can be felt in the steering wheel. 5280 Rim Go Round has years of experience keeping Denver roads safer by fixing radial runout, so contact us today to set up your rim repair appointment!

Lateral Runout

Lateral runout is difficult to describe in words, but lateral runout is similar to radial runout. The difference is that instead of not having equal distance from the center to the edge, lateral runout is when the wheel does not have equal distance from the center of the wheel and the edge of the tread of a tire. Wheels with lateral runout are warped on a horizontal plane, instead of not being round like radial runout. Lateral runout will cause your wheels to wobble from side to side from the uneven weight distribution. With lateral runout, you’ll also notice vibrations while driving. If left unchecked, your tires may wear unevenly and your car may jolt without warning to the left or right.

What Causes Wheel Runout?

There is no one specific factor that leads to wheel runout, but one thing is certain — once your wheel has runout, it gets exponentially worse the longer you drive the vehicle. We recommend consulting a rim repair expert as soon as you suspect that you might have any wheel runout symptoms like steering wheel vibrations, bumpiness, or sudden vehicle jolts.

If you want to avoid having rim repair done because of radial or lateral runout, there are a few things you should do to prevent radial and lateral wheel runout.

Have a certified mechanic or tire expert install your tires and rims

One potential cause of wheel runout is improper installation. This can easily be avoided if you are careful and only choose people and business you trust to handle your tire and wheel installation. Also, it helps if you take your vehicle in for regular tire rotations and routine maintenance in order to detect problems early before they become a larger issue.

Don’t cheap out on buying wheels

While buying more expensive wheels and rims don’t guarantee that you’ll never need rim repair due to radial and lateral runout, it certainly doesn’t hurt your chances. Sometimes, people think they’ve found a great deal on really inexpensive rims when, in reality, the wheels are so affordable because they were poorly manufactured. Poorly manufactured wheels and rims are more susceptible to needing lateral and radial runout rim repair.

For more information on radial and lateral runout, contact our wheel repair experts at 5280 Rim Go Round in Denver, today!

Latest Rim Repair Technology

In order to provide the best wheel repair service possible, 5280 Rim Go Round in Denver makes sure we are using the most cutting edge and effective technology available. That’s why we choose to invest in our CTC lathe machine! This lean, mean, rim repair machine is capable of quickly and efficiently erasing road rash and cosmetic flaws from wheels and is capable of handling a wide variety of different wheels sizes. This enables us to work on wheels as small as 14” and as large as 28”. At 5280 Rim Go Round, you can rest assured you are getting the best rim repair service Denver has to offer. Call us today!

At 5280 Rim Go Round, we always do our best when it comes to providing quick service that gets your wheels to top condition. With more than 15 combined years of experience, we are happy to use our expertise to give you the best possible outcome. From a minor scuff to major repairs, we can help. Get in touch with our team today to get back on the road in no time! We look forward to seeing you in our shop.