The right pair of rims can make all the difference. Nothing takes a vehicle to the next level like a perfect set of wheels. But, much like the rest of your vehicle, you should be careful to take good care of them so they can look their best for as long as possible. That’s why in today’s blog at 5280 Rim Go Round in Denver, we provide you with some quick tips for keeping your rims in pristine condition. 


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Clean With Gentle Soap and Water

If you take anything from this blog, let it be this. When you go to wash your wheels and rims, use gentle soap and water. Chemicals from harsh cleaners can eat away at your finish. Dawn dish soap does just fine. Additionally, if you have extra tough dirt and grime stuck on your rims, then use a soft-bristled brush. Steel wool might be a tempting method to thoroughly clean your wheels, but it will leave some serious scratches and damage in its wake.

Rinse Brake Dust Before Cleaning

Always be sure to give your wheels and rims a good rinse before you start wiping them down or scrubbing them with a soft brush. This is because brake dust gathers on the wheels as you drive normally. This isn’t inherently a problem until you go and try to wash your rims. If you fail to rinse the brake dust off your rims before washing them, it can significantly scratch them. It’s similar to washing your car with grains of sand on your rag. If you accidentally scratch up your wheels while trying to wash them, reach out to us at 5280 Rim Go Round in Denver. Our rim repair services will have your wheels looking as good as new in no time flat. 

Don’t Hit Stuff

Perhaps the best way to ensure your rims look and perform great for years to come is not slamming them against concrete curbs and other objects. Obviously nobody does this on purpose. But, a little extra vigilance and carefulness can go a long way in protecting your precious wheels from curb rash, scratches, bent rims, and more.

Check Tire Pressure

While proper tire pressure isn’t as directly related to rim care as something like using gentle soap is, it is still important. Having your tires inflated to the right pressure ensures that you are getting the most optimal performance out of your wheels. Also, if your tires are way too low, then the weight of your car is going to be directly on the rim rather than the tire. This can cause significant damage and bending.

Don’t Drive on Bent or Damaged Rims

This one may seem obvious, but if you know that your rims are damaged, don’t drive on them. Driving on damaged rims will likely only make the problem worse and is almost never worth it. It’s best to have rim repair done right away before they get any more damaged. If you are looking for quality rim repair services in the Denver area, contact our team at 5280 Rim Go Round now!