An out-of-true wheel can be frustrating at best and can affect the safety of your vehicle at worst. Bent wheels ruin the way your vehicle drives, and they usually lead to uneven tire wear over time. Add on alignment issues and even fuel inefficiency, and you’ve got an expensive issue on your hands! That is, unless, you come to our team for wheel straightening.

At 5280 Rim Go Round, we offer bent rim repair for bent and misshapen rims back so they meet both DOT and manufacturer requirements, ensuring that you have a smooth ride every drive. With more than 15 years of combined experience, we are confident in our wheel straightening and rim repair service to get you back on the road in no time at all. We use only the most premium wheel trueing technology available, enabling us to achieve incredible results every time.

Take care of damage before it becomes a major issue for your entire vehicle. Our locally owned and operated company rim repair in Denver believes in doing right and honest work every time — that’s why all rim repairs are done in-house, and we are entirely transparent about our prices throughout the process. We look forward to working with you! Contact our team at 5280 Rim Go Round in Denver and let us know how we can help you. We’ll set you up with an appointment and get your wheels looking as good as the day they first drove off the lot.