1. Why Wheel Repair Makes the Perfect Gift

    At 5280 Rim Go Round in Denver, we believe that wheel repair makes for an excellent gift. While we may be a little biased being a wheel repair shop and all, hear us out. Getting someone rim repair as a gift will help improve their daily driving experience, show you really care, and offers great valu…Read More

  2. Can Wheel Repair Fix Bent Rims?

    Your car’s wheels are durable, sturdy, and can withstand quite a bit of damage. Unfortunately, they can still bend and crack if they are hit with enough force. What happens when you have cracked or bent rims? Do you have to get them replaced entirely? Or is there a way to have them straightened ou…Read More

  3. What Does The Wheel Repair Process Look Like?

    Wheels and rims can get damaged in countless different ways. So when people ask us at 5280 Rim Go Round in Denver what the wheel repair process looks like, it can be tough to say because there are a variety of processes to address the different necessary rim repairs. The most common rim damage we se…Read More