Wheels and rims can get damaged in countless different ways. So when people ask us at 5280 Rim Go Round in Denver what the wheel repair process looks like, it can be tough to say because there are a variety of processes to address the different necessary rim repairs. The most common rim damage we see are bent wheels, cracked wheels, and curb rash. In today’s blog at 5280 Rim Go Round in Denver, we discuss different processes for rim repair and wheel repair on these three common wheel problems.


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Bent wheels

Wheels are designed to be incredibly strong — after all, they have to support the weight of a vehicle and all its passengers. Bending them out of shape is no easy feat, and bending them back to their perfectly round form can be nearly impossible when you try to do it yourself. Bending wheels and rims back to their original form usually means taking them to a wheel repair shop and having them use a hydraulic press and other rim repair machinery. Typically, a hydraulic press is used in tandem with heat in order to make the metal more malleable and reform it back to its original glory.

Cracked wheels

If you hit a curb, pothole, or something else hard enough to bend your rim, then there is a chance that the rim may be cracked as well. In cases that involve cracked rims, a wheel repair specialist will typically use a method of welding that adds material to fill in the cracks of the rim. This method fills in and smooths over any imperfections while renewing the structural integrity of your wheel. The cracked rim repair, however, can only be started after the rim is no longer bent and back to its perfectly round form.


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Curb rash/scratches

The wheel refinishing and curb rash repair process is a little more straightforward than cracked wheel and bent rim repairs. Essentially the wheel is sanded down with fine sandpaper to smooth out the surface of the wheel. If there is a layer of clear coat, then the entire wheel surface will need to be sanded down to maintain color consistency. Some rim repair shops like ours use advanced machinery and technology to quickly and precisely shave down and remove any imperfections. Once the wheel has been smoothed down just past the area of the scratches with very fine sandpaper or with other precise shaving methods, the wheel needs to be refinished. Refinishing methods vary greatly depending on the type of material the wheel is made of, the finish, and the paint used.


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